Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Manly Fast Ferry Smartcard work?
  • The Smartcard is similar in dimensions to any credit or debit card that you have in your wallet

  • The Smartcard is your 'ticket' to Manly Fast Ferries and can be 'topped up' as many times as you like

  • A Smartcard can be started off with as little as $50, or as much as $500, and any credit balance on the Smartcard do not expire

  • The Smartcard is 'swiped' on one of the Manly Fast Ferry ticket machines each time you want to travel and the value of the current ride is deducted from the balance on the card

  • The Smartcard operates as a 'Purse': you load cash value onto the card and then each time you travel the appropriate value is deducted

  • The 'Purse' styled Smartcard is far more efficient than the older Travel 10 styled card, and offers the commuter extra discounts on fares if flexible with their time of travel

  • The Smartcard can also be used to purchase across the bar on board our vessels

What happens if I lose my Smartcard?
  • If you are registered with Manly Fast Ferries then we will be able to cancel the lost Smartcard and replace it for you, normally with a full refund of the balance remaining on the lost card

  • If you're not registered and have a receipt from either the Smartcard purchase or a recent 'Purse' top-up on the card, we should be able to locate and cancel the lost Smartcard. If the card is able to be located we can replace it for you, normally with a full refund of the balance remaining on the lost card

  • If you have neither of the above we will use our best endeavours to track down you lost Smartcard but give no guarantee that we will be able to refund any outstanding balance of the card

How do I register my Smartcard with Manly Fast Ferries?
Simply send an email to us with:

  • Your name
  • Your mobile phone no
  • Your email address (if different to the current email)
  • Your Smartcard No (8 digit no on the reverse of the Smartcard)

I still hold one of the old Manly Fast Ferry Travel 10 Smartcards will it still work?
The Travel 10 Smartcard will still operate on our ticket machines but we are endeavouring to transfer any credits you hold on these older style cards to the new 'Purse' system so that you get the optimum out of your weekly travel spend
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