Provides commuter discounts on Manly Fast Ferry and select commuter services between other wharves.
Provides commuter discounts on refreshments.
$50 minimum top-up.  
Can be used by one or more passengers
When funds are depleted, card top up is required prior to travel.
Top ups can be made at sales counters or on board vessels.
To save time when boarding, top up your Smartcard before it runs out.

Smartcard Registration

To receive service notifications and protect your balance against loss or theft you must register your details with My Fast Ferries. Please Note: Email addresses will not be provided or sold to other companies for promotional use.

Benefits of use

MFFS Smartcard is designed to provide regular users with cheaper fare options, reduce the number of sales transactions and speed up vessel boarding time.

How it works

Load value onto your keep and reuseSmartcard to pay for travel on Manly Fast Ferry Services.

No need to queue for tickets or worry about having the correct change. Simply tap and go and enjoy the journey across the harbour.

Conditions of Purchased Cards

  • Minimum $50 on all subsequent card top-ups
  • No cash refunds given on lost and damaged Smartcards or cancellation of Smartcard
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure sufficient funds are available to cover fare payment prior to travel on MFFS services
  • The customer is responsibility for the safe keeping and use of their Smartcard
  • Customers must register their Smartcard after purchase to ensure unused funds can be transferred if the card is lost or damaged.

Conditions of Use

  • Smartcard can only be used for travel on Manly Fast Ferry Services
  • Fare payment for travel must be made before boarding
  • Smartcard top ups can be made at ticket counters or onboard MFFS vessels
  • Prior to boarding you must tap your Smartcard on the Smartcard reader, the system will automatically calculate your fare and deduct it from the value stored on your Smartcard.
  • If you wish to use your Smartcard to pay for a child or others travelling with you, please inform sales staff prior to tapping your Smartcard. System adjustments may need to be made to ensure the correct fare/s are deducted from your Smartcard.
  • Smartcard is not a flash pass and must be tapped on system readers for payment of fare
  • Failure to use Smartcard correctly is deemed as fare evasionwhich is a criminal offence.

Smartcard Procedure

  • Prior to boarding the vessel, tap Smartcard on Smartcard reader and the system will automatically calculate and deduct the fare
  • An amber light will flash on the reader when the Smartcard has been used correctly, the amount deducted and the remaining balance on your card will be displayed on the screen.
  • A red light will flash on the reader if there are not sufficient funds available to cover the cost of your travel.
  • If the red light flashes you must top up your card and tap again to pay before boarding.
  • The correct fare must be paid before boarding, otherwise entry to the vessel will be refused.
  • For travel convenience it is important the you check your balance regularly and load value onto your Smartcard before it runs out.
  • Staff onboard the vessel will assist you if you wish to check your Smartcard balance or top up your card during your journey across the harbor.
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